It’s been a little while since myself and MrsB headed away on our own for a few days so for a little celebration we took ourselve off to the ‘Smoke’, well to be more precise Windsor, to the west of London. What a nice couple of days we had. We wandered around the old building that dominates the town of Windsor, apparently it’s owner was away for a few days too! We also had a little trip down the river which was very pleasent.

Now, if like me you associate London and the South East as ‘all houses, cars and people’ I think you to would have been pleasently surprised at Runnymede. There were still pleanty of cars, people and houses but not quite as many as just a few minutes away, in fact you could have been mistaken into thinking you were in rural England, but not for long. However, if you ever get the chance to visit the seat of democracy it’s a lovely spot, even in the rain.

After leaving Runnymede we headed to the Warner Brothers Studio tour – Wow, it’s impressive and if you have any Harry Potter fans in your midst it’s a must see visit – great little birthday present.

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