Here is a picture taken on 14 Jan 2013:

Beanari Garden in the Snow

Beanari Garden in the Snow

This page should show a video feed from the Beanari however, it is still work in progress so if it doesn’t work my apologies, either I am working on fixing it, the server is offline, you have disabled JAVA scripts or it’s simply broke! If you do spot anything of interest please do leave us a post to tell us. We do get a lot of birds, but rarely anything too exciting, you may see Blenheim (Aka “The Dark Destroyer”), the Beanari Cat and occasionally you just might catch a glimpse of the other Beanari residents – Keep watching!

Oct 2023 – At last my camera is back, for now it is snapshots only which should update about every 5mins during the day.

The local weather is:

Beanari Weather

Beanari Weather

Outside Temp History

Outside Temp History

The page should automatically refresh about every 60seconds, if it fails to do so hit “f5” or the refresh button to update the weather data.


  1. I’m sorry but the camera feed is having difficulties. It works fine in Microsoft’s new browser ‘Edge’, pity most other things don’t. It shows in IE11, Firefox and Opera, but the feed is wrong and Chrome and Safari refuse point blank to show it!

    I am working on a fix.

  2. Gone back to the old view! If you spot anything do let us know…

  3. Regular viewers will notice a slight change of scenery – we are watching for interlopers into the Beanari Cat’s territory! Shout if you see anything!

  4. Beanari owner

    And back to snow!

  5. Gremlins have returned, now all is working but just a black splogy image – I’m working on it…

  6. At last it really is back – helps when the adress is pointing to a machine that exists!


  7. OK, sorry for the previous disconnection – I really do think it’s running now!

    The Beanari

  8. Happy New Year to all the residents in the Beanari!!!!

  9. I’m sorry but there seems to be a gemlin in the works and the camera is not showing a clear picture – I suspect too much water!

  10. Santa had a trial run at our house today!!!!
    Look in your emails

  11. I SEE HIM, I SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. There is a lovely Christmas glow coming from the Beanari tonight! Looking out for Santa!!

  13. No moonies please, we’re British!!!

  14. Today in the Beanari it’s wet!

  15. Phil the Tester

    Wish I could see the webcam and I’d have told you of all the birds we saw, but alas no camera output was seen!

    • Ah, that’s because you are inside the network and the address is only available outside of it – no idea why, it’s just the way it is! Anyway, thanks for the feedback

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