With great sadness we lost our long-time Beanari Moggie. At the grand old age of 19 Jess passed away leaving a big hole. She had a wonderful life and over quite a short time became ill from which she wasn’t able to recover. She will be remembered with great affection.

Whilst this was a sad time it wasn’t long before we welcomed a new feline into the house. So welcome to the new Beanari Moggie “Blenheim”.

Blenehim could not be more different. A rescue cat, named after an aircraft that served at the old RAF Watton Airfield where he was found, ¬†Blenheim is now an 8month old kitten, male, full of beans (appropriate for the Beanari), active, entertaining and different in so many ways to Jess. He’s a real bundle of fun and very affectionate. Hopefully he will have a life as long as Jess’s and equally happy.

Blenheim has only been with us a couple of months and already he rules the roost!