What is a Beanari?

Well it’s like an aviary but full of Beans! Not beans as in lively and jolly, although life in the Beanari is never dull, but beans as in Beans, Mr and Mrs to be exact.

Why Beanari? Bean as in Mr & Mrs Bean, A as in Anthony and Ri as in Rite (short for Rita!) giving ‘Beanari’

The two occupants of the Beanari are Phil and Rite, we both work from home and live in the Market town of Dereham in Norfolk, England. Rite is a local lass whilst Phil has defected from the North of England and spent the last 20+ years in Norfolk, so he’s almost local! We both used to be busy with 1st Swanton Morley Scout Group but a few years ago decided to take a break and now spend most of our time baking or walking (they mix quite nicely), Phil’s particularly happy when visiting the lumpier parts of the United Kingdom, particularly the English Lake District.

Why this page?

In the late 90’s I setup the Beanari and then did nothing with it for far too long, more than 10years, so after a quick intro to wordpress I decided to start a re-vamp.  However, as the old site has now been around for so long I want to leave it available, if for no other reason than because I can and sentimental reasons.  The ASP is no longer active so any content is now static.  So if you would like to visit the ‘old beanari’ then by all means do, it also includes my diary from walking John O’Groats to Lands End back in 2002 an event that I shall one day repeat! Also you’ll find the messages of support left in our guestbook during the walk.

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