Bean Family History

In 2008 I set out on the road to discovering where my family comes from.  Having grown up in the North East of England I believed that I was a true Yorkshire man but I didn’t know for certain and there was rumour of a drop of French blood and some Scottish blood.

To date I can confirm quite categorically that my Paternal lineage gives me at least 5 generations of Yorkshireness, mainly from the Sherburn area near Malton, North Yorkshire.  I can also confirm ancestors from the Aberdeen area of Scotland and both Cheshire and Wiltshire in England…

My family tree primarily contains Beans, Dawsons, Bells, Ventress, Robinsons, Dixons, Knotts and Toogoods.  If you’d like to take a look at my published tree, please visit:

If you can’t find the tree just search for beanari and you should locate them.  If you would like to share information on genealogy by all means contact me.



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