Hello again,  I really must be one of the worst ‘bloggers’ on the planet, I think this is the first post in about 18months to a year so it’s clear to see I’m not that prolific!

In early July we joined some friends in Derbyshire for a few days in Youlgrave.  What a great base.  If you like walking there are great routes straight out of the door and the Limestone way is a good route to follow.  Whilst there we dd a lovely 9 mile route that took use out of Youlgrave on the Limestone way, down into Lathkill dale and back through Alport to Youlgrave.  The day was finished off with a lovely meal at the Farmyard Inn.


Dereham Town Treasure Hunt. 1st Aug to 1st Sep

For all those that wanted a treasure hunt my offering is now in print. This is a walking treasure hunt and suitable for all ages. It will take you around Dereham town centre and out as far as the station. It can be done in one go and will probably take a couple of hours, longer with a coffee break. Or it can be done over a number of days. The Treasure hunt costs £2 with all funds raised split equally between Dereham Lions, EACH and 2016 Dereham Carnival Fund. The winners of the treasure hunt will win a small prize.

*** Update *** this event has now closed, but the sheets are still available if you want them.  There is no guarantee that the answers to the clues are still available, but most should be.

Than you to the following that supported the Treasure Hunt by providing somewhere to buy and return the sheets.T Please note these are no longer available (Sep 15):

Unicorn Computers Ltd, 4 Market Place.
Kaisy, 1 Cowper Road.
The Little Gallery, 62 Norwich street.
Banyards Farm Shop, Etling Green.
From Phil Bean (See contact us by email link)

In order to publicise this event please Tell your friends, family and colleagues.  If you are able to help publicise this event please click here or on the image below to get a PDF poster.

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In April 2015 the Beanari residents took themselves off on a flying visit to Rome.

Here are a few images form our wanderings.  I think most of the pictures will be quite recognisable.

Having missed the full spectacle of the Eclipse back in 1999 I was very keen to see this one scheduled for 9:30 on 20 Mar 2015. The forecast did not look good and we awoke to very grey, overcast skies. So it wasn’t to be, but wait…

At 9:26 the cloud thinned just enough to see the sun, or at least the 15% that was left, in fact the cloud actually made viewing quite easy with the naked eye and here are some pictures to prove it.

Welcome one and all! We got a new toy for Christmas and now I can post the current weather on our site. This is a ‘live’ status so call back anytime to see what is happening weather wise at the Beanari. These details have also been added to the webcam page so you will see if the weather shown matches the camera image.

The local weather is:

Beanari Weather

Beanari Weather

Outside Temp History

Outside Temp History

Until I work out how to force a refresh everytime the page is loaded please just hit ‘f5’ or hit the ‘refresh’ button to force a page refresh.

After a 2yr wait we eventually returned to Switzerland for our holiday

What a wonderful 2 weeks we had.  Check out the photo’s for a flavour of what we experienced.

With great sadness we lost our long-time Beanari Moggie. At the grand old age of 19 Jess passed away leaving a big hole. She had a wonderful life and over quite a short time became ill from which she wasn’t able to recover. She will be remembered with great affection.

Whilst this was a sad time it wasn’t long before we welcomed a new feline into the house. So welcome to the new Beanari Moggie “Blenheim”.

Blenehim could not be more different. A rescue cat, named after an aircraft that served at the old RAF Watton Airfield where he was found,  Blenheim is now an 8month old kitten, male, full of beans (appropriate for the Beanari), active, entertaining and different in so many ways to Jess. He’s a real bundle of fun and very affectionate. Hopefully he will have a life as long as Jess’s and equally happy.

Blenheim has only been with us a couple of months and already he rules the roost!

On Saturday my good lady wife and I took part in a Murder Mystery evening at Gressenhall Rural Life Museum near Dereham. What a great evening. After encountering a grisly death early on in the proceedings we then had to work out who dun it! Not so easy with all the red herrings. Still Mrs B managed to determine the culprit whilst I, along with the majority were completely wrong! And just so we entered into the spirit here is a picture of us in all out finery.

Victorians visiting the Beanari May 2013

Victorians visiting the Beanari May 2013

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On a cold grey day what better way to pass some time than by trying your hand at a bit of bread making? And what better challange than Paul Hollywood’s 8 plait loaf? I think the outcome is acceptable considering it’s a first attempt!

First attempt at Paul Hollywood's 8 plait loaf - I'm happy with the result!

First attempt at Paul Hollywood’s 8 plait loaf – I’m happy with the result!

First attempt at Paul Hollywood's 8 plait loaf - I'm happy with the result!

First attempt at Paul Hollywood’s 8 plait loaf – I’m happy with the result!

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Most of the time the Beanari is a tranquil place and not a lot disturbs the serenity.  However, in the past few years the resident moggie has lost her hearing and reached a quite significant age for a feline.  And being the boss she likes to let us know she’s about, not just during the day, but in the evening, the night and the wee small hours – so far no cure has been found. Click on the picture if you dare!The Beanari Feline

Click to watch and listen to her in action!