So, it’s now fast approaching.  We’ve had meetings, we’ve submitted forms, we’ve bought bunting and planned activities, food, tables, music…  And it’s still a month away.

But it’s quite nice, we’ve been talking to our neighbours,  we do anyway, but now we have a purpose – we’ve decided to do it and do it we shall. Yep – our street is holding a street party.  It won’t be the biggest, it probably won’t be the smallest, but it’ll include many of our neighbours and friends and, you know what, not all of us have organised and attended a street party before.

Now what was it I needed to do, oh yes, food, toys, prizes, police…

Let’s hope that in another 4 weeks or so it will all come together – even the rain won’t deter us, although it’s been trying hard now for a couple of weeks!

See you at the street party…

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