John O' Groats to Lands End Walk Sep to Nov 2002
East of England Hospices for life limited Children
East England Hospices for life limited children.
Macmillan cancer relief Sargent Cancer Care for Children
1st Swanton Morley Scout & Guide HQ fund

RAF Wyton Station Charities (St Johns Ambulance)


Why would anybody want to walk from John O' Groats to Lands End, even worse away from roads and unsupported? A very good question. The usual response when I explain my ambition is 'there's a perfectly good train service', but that would only take a couple of days.  A walk of this sort has to be planned; How many pairs of Socks?  Will the boots hold out?  Which route should I take?  How much will it cost, How much alcohol will I need?

So Why am I doing it?

Some 20 odd years ago I took up walking at the ripe old age of 17, simply working out how to get from A to B without getting hopelessly lost proved very difficult.  I was soon to discover the art of map and compass, route planning, equipment requirements etc, etc; I quickly realised there was more to walking, especially in rugged terrain, than just walking. Very soon I was attempting the Pennine Way, The Cleveland Way and the Coast to Coast, all of which I have walked on more than one occasion.  I used each new venture to raise funds for deserving causes.  I also had the first inklings of a desire to try something more challenging, something that would really test my resolve and so my ambition to walk the length of the UK mainland was born.  Whilst I enjoy myself strolling through the UK countryside I'll also be completing 4 recognised long distance paths and raising funds for some worthy causes.

As I state in my begging letter: I am not one for taking it easy, but on occasions I also feel that whilst I try to do something extraordinary I can use the opportunity to benefit others.  As a Scout leader in various roles for over 20 years I have helped able-bodied youngsters do things they never thought they could.  The reward for me is seeing them realise a dream, and often completing it with them.  Unfortunately many in society are not so lucky.   To date I have been blessed with good health. Apart from giving up many hours of my own time I have also used this health to help raise small sums of money for those less fortunate, primarily children.  In September of 2002 I will be realising a lifetime ambition; that is to complete the ultimate walk of mainland Britain, John o Groats to Lands End.   I would like to use this event to help raise awareness and funds for 5 charities, with their written consent, namely those listed above.